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Mid Face/Cheek Filler

  • 30 min
  • $750-$1800

Service Description

Restoring volume to the mid-face can improve smile lines, marionettes and restore the triangle of youth. With age we experience bone loss, movement and degradation of fat pads, and muscle contraction overuse, which can lead to a falling face. With properly placed filler in the mid-face we can easily shave 5 years off of a person’s age immediately by addressing the cause of the falling face. * Variation in price is dependent on technique, product selection, and number of syringes needed * We do not provide half syringes * We do not allow patients to split syringes * Dissolving previously injected filler by another provider may take multiple visits and a procedure to re-inject must occur at least two weeks after dissolvent is administered. HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR INJECTABLES APPOINTMENT While injectable treatments are fast, relatively painless, and require very little recovery time, it is always beneficial for patients to understand how these treatments work before opting for them and some general guidelines regarding dermal filler treatments. DERMAL FILLER TREATMENT GUIDELINES (APPLIES TO ALL INJECTABLES) Dermal Filler injections (Juvederm products, Restylane products, Radiesse, Belotero, Sculptra, Also includes Botox and PRP/PRFM injections) carry the risk of bruising if you are taking certain supplements or medications and even if you are not taking anything, the procedure holds a risk for bruising so please plan accordingly. To reduce this risk, please note the items on this list and discontinue at least 3 days (7 days if time permits) before your appointment for injections. Cannula injection techniques have dramatically reduced the incidence of bruising but you can further reduce bruising possibility by following these recommendations. MEDICATIONS TO DISCONTINUE 3 DAYS BEFORE TREATMENT (7 DAYS IF TIME PERMITS) • Aspirin • Prescribed blood thinners **** • Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Aleve) • St. John’s Wort • Omega 3 fatty acids (Fish Oil) • Vitamin E • Ginger • Ginkgo Biloba • Ginseng ****if you have been prescribed Aspirin or any prescription Blood Thinner, do not discontinue unless permitted by your prescribing physician. Cold Sores: If you have a history of cold sores, ask us about pre-care instructions and we never inject if you currently have a cold sore. For additional information, please see our PRE & AFTERCARE FAQ's section of the website.

Contact Details

  • 1501 Westcliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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